Take this wonderful tour across the most amazing landscapes of Turkey. First we are going to Sapenca – a little charming town located in Sakarya Province near the prettiest Turkish lake – Lake Sapanca.


The oldest mosque's interior.
The oldest mosque’s interior.

Well, it may be said that not long ago Sapanca has became such a tourist destination. Only few years ago, this place was one of the calmest and quiet places. everything has changed when the town has been UNESCO listed. The whole world has finally heard about the undiscovered, unknown, magical place called Sapanca.

Obviously visiting Sapanca without a walk along the famous Sapience Lake’s bay would be something unforgivable. So, we will take you to the lake so you can admire amazing landscapes. The next step will be in Masukiye. This little village, despite the size has been always enjoying great popularity among tourists from all over the world. This is due to the village’s historical meaning. The place used to serve as a summer residency for Sultans in the past. Though many years passed the village still impress with its richness.

Ornate houses, amazing townhouses, trim gardens and super clean streets… this is a truly royal climate. One of the most important points of this trip will be a visit to Sultan’s Mosque. Sultan’s Mosque is the greatest mosque all over Turkey. In the whole country you will not find any larger or more ornate temple! This one is a real architectural masterpiece. That’s not it. Before we go back Istanbul, we will visit Topkapi Palace. The palace used to be Sultan of the Ottoman Empire’s home. Today, the object is a great museum where you can find the holiest relics of the Muslim’s world. Among others you can see there the holly sword of the Prophet Mohammed!

The whole tour will be half walking and half riding by car. The towns are over 20 km apart so the transfer from one to another will take about 20 minutes.


  • Visit the summer residency of Sultans.
  • Explore the oldest mosque in the city.
  • Se the holly relics in the museum that used to be Prophet Mohammed’s house.
  • Take a walk by the Sapanca Lake’s side.
  • Eat a typical Turkish dinner in a typical Turkish restaurant in the Old City.
  • Take a walk across the oldest market in the city.
  • Purchase amazing souvenirs.

Hope to see you on the road! Bye!